White Dwarf-Main Sequence Binaries from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey

Welcome to the SDSS WDMS binary catalogue!

The SDSS WDMS binary catalogue is a data base that contains all kind of information for the more than 3200 White Dwarf-Main Sequence binaries identified within the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. This user friendly data base is open for the general public.

If you want to get all available information from a specific object you should click on 'Search by object'. If you want to get a list of objects for a given query please click on 'Search by parameter'. If you want to run a query with SQL language by yourself please click on 'Search SQL query'.

For any questions and/or comments please write to Alberto Rebassa-Mansergas: alberto.rebassa(at)gmail.com

Note on the stellar parameters: at some point I will fit all WDMS binary spectra using M-dwarf models (instead of templates). This will allow to obtain M-dwarf effective temperatures. Age estimates will also be obtained for our systems. Using evolutionary models for low-mass stars at a given age and effective temperature, I will also calculate the mass, radius and luminosity of our secondary stars. Until this work is finished, the values are set to 0 in the current version of the online SDSS WDMS binary catalogue.

Acknowledgement: If you make use of this web site please cite Rebassa-Mansergas et al. 2012 MNRAS 419 806R


20/02/2018 5 objects excluded from the catalogue that were found to be duplicates.

29/04/2016 The catalogue includes now the latest version of 3291 SDSS WDMS from DR12 SDSS WDMS DR12. Note the manuscript claims 3294 objects, however 3 of them are actually duplicates.

7/06/2013 The catalogue has been updated and includes now the latest version of 2316 SDSS WDMS from DR8 SDSS WDMS DR8

14/11/2012 SDSSJ135523.92+085645.4 has been added. Hot WD plus possible brown dwarf discovered by Badenes et al. (2012).

20/07/2012 SDSSJ014349.22+002130.0 has been excluded from the list. Blue excess comes from nearby QSO rather than from a real white dwarf.

24/07/2012 The eclipsing WD/dM SDSSJ013851.54-001621.6 has been added to the list.

24/07/2012 SDSSJ144335.19+004005.9 has been excluded. Its an M dwarf/M dwarf eclipsing binary (~1 day orbital period).